Anti-Immigration Protests In Italy

NB Google Translate: “This feeling of inferiority to the latest arrivals is shared by the residents of the most degraded suburbs of the city. Understanding how this former communist town turned into theater violent protests turning to racism, and infiltration of ground movement extreme right Casapound is to put a finger on the geographical and social fragmentation of the suburbs. If, ten years after France ,Italy is preparing for its crisis of the suburbs, the manifestations and causes of unrest are far from similar.

  • just a thought

    I don’t know much Italian, but “BASTA” means “enough.”

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      It means stop because bastare means “to stop” in Italian but you are about right. The point is immigrazione has to end and there has to be a cap on it I feel in most Western countries and the citizens living in each nation have to be sustained first. My name is kind of just made up.

  • Hopefully the people will rise up in indignation against the dhimmi elites all over Europe soon.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Casa Pound are an interesting group. They’re a social centre based in Rome named for Ezra Pound, the American poet, who was the most important literary supporter of social credit. He chose Italy for his home, and among Italian patriots is something of a folk hero.

    Their website (in Italian) is

    One of the less alarmist articles about them is here.

  • The backlash is brewing. The underlying pressure could be larger than the PC crowd expects.

    Let’s hope it is big enough and soon enough.

  • Richard N

    In Sweden, the two main (EU puppet) parties joined up together to prevent the anti-immigration Sweden Democratic party from having a chance to increase its share of seats in the national partliament by having a new national election.

    This is just one illustration of the way that Germany, and its puppet organisation for the control of Europe, the EU, is determined to complete its flooding of Europe with as many third world immigrants as they can, specifically to destroy a sense of national identity across all of Europe, and thereby remove the danger to the EU of being overthrown by any EU country voting to leave the EU.

    We are watching the destruction of Europe’s culture and civilisation by deliberate design by the EU crooks and their master, Merkel, to preserve the German empire calling itself the EU.and its grip on all Europe.