Woman, 25, from London arrested on suspicion of Syria terror offences as she steps off flight from Turkey

A 25-year-old woman from London was today arrested on suspicion of Syria-related terror offences.

She was detained at Luton Airport in Bedfordshire by detectives from the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit as she left a flight that had returned to the UK from Istanbul.

The woman from Haringey, north London, was arrested as part of a continuing intelligence-led policing operation.

  • barryjr

    Revoke the passport of any Canadian that travels to that area for anything other than official Canadian business, with no exceptions. It doesn’t matter what side you claim to be going to support, it is not a safe region and there is no reason for Canadians to be going there other than to be committing acts that would be crimes if committed here at home.

    • Well we should disengage completely from the Muslim world and let them fend for themselves.