Toronto-area mall investigating video of security guards kicking, kneeing man under arrest

TORONTO — A Toronto-area mall says it is investigating after a video of six security guards arresting a man — kicking and kneeing him repeatedly while he is held down — went viral.

Bramalea City Centre released a statement Tuesday morning saying it found the Dec. 20 video “disturbing” and has begun a probe of the incident.

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    A couple of things happened, either the security was wrong about the shoplifting, or they were not. Let us go to not. Then we have attempt at absconding with stolen goods, resisting arrest on private property by constituted security. If the poor sod is not a shoplifter, he has a wonderful lawsuit that would settle around 300,000 bucks for his trouble. If he is a shoplifter, then instead of 4 hours of community service and him returning to ply his craft, his beat down is a quaint reminder of natural justice that eludes most low rent criminals.

    • Even if he is a shoplifter he will sue and likely win assuming it is decided that disproportionate force was used. Security guards have only powers of citizen arrest, no different than you and I.

      • Minicapt

        As long as he’s wriggling, the force has not become ‘disproportionate’.
        I think the prosecutors need to be strictly challenged each time “disproportionate force” is cited, until Parliament formally establishes a valid definition.


  • ontario john

    I’m more worried about Premier Wynne’s OPP who seem to operate in a world of their own. In Tuesday’s Toronto Star is a story about a woman who came to the aid of another woman who was being mugged in Orillia, and the OPP officer who arrived on the scene, ended up brutally injuring the woman trying to help and charging her with obstruction. The angry judge threw out the charge and lambasted the OPP. It seems the OPP have no trouble beating up law abiding citizens but will protect indians when they break the law.

    • I have read that, what a nightmare.

    • mauser 98

      sounds like Caledonia