Temporary foreign worker couple pleads to remain in Canada

And they even had a kid while here.

  • sanwin

    They’re Filipino. They integrate well and don’t demand special treatment.

    I’d let them stay. Otherwise their spot might be filled by some inbred Pakistani.

    • Ken

      Spot on. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • I see your point. My beef is with the TFW program.

    • James Hamilton

      The question here is;

      Do we still need lots of immigrants, TFWs in Canada from third world, undeveloped countries?? What will these people bring with them??

      These people couldn’t develop & make their countries better place, what makes you think they could be of any benefit to Canada?? If they had been any good to the society they would have made their own societies & countries livable.

      What can they contribute to Canadian society, of course other than nannies, coffee servers, cashiers at big box stores & cleanup crew for your sky scrappers?

      Soon the indigenous population will be replaced by an army of unskilled/undeucated people with low morals, few etiquettes & no principles in life. that’s the country we are striving to build.

    • pettifog

      Except, of course, they are now demanding special treatment to stay here after a false application. (They should have read over the form and signed it before it was submitted). Plus, what part of “temporary” do they not understand?

      • New Centurion

        Exactly, they do expect special treatment, in places they have set up associations to lobby to stay knowing full well that they are, like in so many other countries they work in, “temporary”. The have learned that Canada is a soft touch and they can play a media (CBC) hostile to the government no matter what it does. Businesses abuse TFW program at the expense of Canadians “bad”, the government cracks down on the program also “bad” because it hurts the TFW. And around and around it goes. They like so many others that come here, they are not here out of some love for Canada, it is the land of the big shopping mall that’s it. The first thing they do when they come is buy a big old SUV and slap a Philippine flag on it. Send. Them. Home.

    • barryjr

      They are demanding special treatment by claiming their case is special and the rules need to be changed for them.

  • ntt1

    Time to require immigration consultants to carry liability insurance that could be claimed against for damages by Canada or the wronged prospective immigrant . escalating liability ,will over time, price the incompetant out of the market.

  • pettifog

    Doesn’t the NDP oppose the temporary worker program? What is their MP doing supporting it now?

    • barryjr

      The mistake with your comment is you are associating the NDP with logic.

  • James Hamilton

    As I mentioned in one of my earlier post about this study published couple of years ago by Fraser Institutes puts the cost at 4 billion per annum Canada spends on new immigrants.
    My Summary on immigration:
    1. Financial Benefits = Negative
    2. Social Benefits = Detrimental
    3. Moral Benefits = Adverse
    4. Cultural Benefits = Devastating

    Too many immigrants from cultures too different can erode not just the concept of citizenship, but the sense of mutual obligation that underpins the welfare state.

    Just think what makes a country/nation great, livable & developed?? It’s People, right. And why these countries are undeveloped third world?? Because of it’s people, again right. So, if we let people from these third world countries to immigrate into canada by ship loads what are they going to bring it in with them?? The same ethics, values, etiquettes, habits & culture, eberything they had in their left-behind society and when these people comes in hordes they will never try & aspire to integrate & assimilate into canadain society therefore their ‘NET BENEFIT’ to the Canadian Society is absolutely ‘NEGATIVE.’
    How could people who couldn’t make their own country/nation great, liveable & developed could be of any good to Canada, don’t you think they will (and have already done) make this once great country like their own third world country.
    Canada became a great Nation/Country because the people who made it so emigrated from the developed & moralistic socities of great countries.

    Time & again many independent studies have proved that mass immigration from third world countries have no short term or long term benefits for the host nation. Exceptions are the ever increasing vote base for political parties & a growing bureaucracy.

  • barryjr

    Keep bringing in the TFWs it’s not like there aren’t Canadians looking for work at the fast food joints. I live on the Island and I saw how tough it was for students to get work at these places when my daughters and their friends were looking for work when in high school. Who cares how long these TFWs were here taking jobs that there are qualified Canadians to take, they knew the rules when they came here so follow the rules and go home.