Law students complain rape law too traumatizing to study, law professors say

A growing number of law students are complaining to their professors about lectures on rape law, saying the subject is too traumatic to learn about or discuss, according to at least two prominent law professors.

Harvard Law Professor Jeannie Suk detailed the trend in The New Yorker earlier this month, and this week George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf, in an interview with The College Fix, said he has found the same thing in his classroom.

“We are going to be raising a wussified generation of lawyers,” Banzhaf said. “Students are saying, ‘I don’t want to hear anything that disturbs me.’ How are these lawyers going to do what lawyers have to do, which is to stand up to judges for clients and causes?”

“This is our basic heritage,” he continued. “If they’re so wussified that they can’t hear the term rape, it sends tremors down their spine – who’s going to stand up for us?”

In her column, Suk cited several examples she has encountered at Harvard Law School in recent years…