Hollywood’s Last Stand

Americans are the only people in the world who go to see movies in which they are the villains.

Russians stayed away from Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit with its Slavic villains (though Chinese audiences liked it well enough). And movies with Chinese villains can’t get made because the People’s Republic has more devastating penalties for offending studios than a mere hacking. Instead of leaking private emails, the studios simply aren’t allowed to release their movies in the world’s second biggest film market.

  • The Goat

    And that’s why America is the best country in the world, folks. I just wish Hollywood wouldn’t relish in it so much.

  • Brett_McS

    Hollywood must be hoping scientists don’t find any life on Mars.

    • Hollywood sucked up to the Nazis in the same way.

  • ontario john

    But in a brave new effort, Hollywood celebrities are protesting not being able to pose topless on instragrams. Called show your tits or something, Stars are upset that women are not allowed to be topless. Yes forget about censorship in muslim hellholes or China, forget about muslims rampaging around the world, what is important is topless photos and gay rights in western cities.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hollywood is a business and renders its decisions accordingly. When a reporter asked Harry Cohn, founder of Columbia Pictures, if his movies have a message, he replied, “If I want to send a message, I call up Western Union.”