EU: More than 100 migrants invaders enter Melilla after jumping border fence at dawn

Between 30 and 40 migrants invaders were trapped in between the perimeters at Melilla on Tuesday. / Francisco G. Guerrero (EFE)

Around 102 migrants invaders managed to jump the border fence at Melilla early Tuesday morning, according to Spanish authorities.

The majority of the irregular immigrants invaders are sub-Saharans, and were part of a larger group of around 200 people who tried to entering the Spanish North African exclave earlier at the border in a district known as Barrio Chino.

There are many structures and buildings near Melilla’s perimeter with Morocco, as well as a busy pedestrian crossing, which makes it difficult for Moroccan authorities to adequately control the area.

Tuesday’s crossing occurred at about 6.55am.

The migrants invaders were taken to temporary holding center (CETI) where they were processed. Around 40 others were unable to make the crossing after failing to get past the obstacles at the fence, and remained trapped in an area between the border perimeters…

  • RevnantDream

    Happy New year to all

  • The Goat

    Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to have a wall or fence if you aren’t going to kick them out if they manage to penetrate the barrier? Why just make their life difficult for no reason?

    “Well, you’ve made it past the gun turrets Kunte, so now we have to let you stay. Here are your papers.”

  • WalterBannon

    this is why people need to carry flame throwers