EU: Cargo ship carrying 900 illegal migrants invaders docks in Italy

The Blue Sky M cargo ship is seen at the Gallipoli harbour in southern Italy Photo: Reuters

Almost 1,000 people invaders have been rescued from a cargo ship abandoned by its crew after a distress call off the coast of Greece revealed it to be carrying hundreds of people invaders.

The Blue Sky M was carrying more than 970 people invaders, some suffering from frostbite, when it was spotted near the coast of Corfu yesterday.

Pictures this morning show dozens of people invaders huddling together on the ship’s deck as emergency services came to their aid in the port of Gallipoli.

Following an erroneous Red Cross report of four deaths, officials now say no one was known to have died…

…Prosecutors have impounded the Blue Sky M, which reportedly set off from Turkey, as part of an investigation into the incident and have arrested a Moldovan man who arrived on the ship…

From The Telegraph: A record 170,000 migrants invaders reached Italy by boat this year, with more than 3,000 dying at sea from drowning, after their boats capsized, or by asphyxiation in crowded holds.

Spain said on Wednesday that 800 African migrants invaders have tried to storm the border fences separating Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla from Morocco in the second such attempt in two days… On Tuesday, 200 migrants invaders stormed the 20-foot high fences, with 102 getting across.

The migrants invaders on the ship are suspected to be from the Middle East. Now that they are coming by the freighter load will the EU finally act? Of course not, unless the citizens start complaining a lot more than they are now.   How long before the new arrivals start whining about Islamophobia and lack of special prayer rooms?

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    Does Spain has a big Army? if they dont the Muslims will invade them for 100s or even thousands .

  • simus1

    Obviously a massively corrupt criminal enterprise with lots of bribe money available for those in politics and the bureaucracy willing to play ball

  • Brett_McS

    I wonder when the first of many Amnesty Ships will dock in the US?

    • Frau Katze

      We’ve had two here in Victoria. Negative publicity resulted in the feds actually stopping them (they were rust bucket freighters from Sri Lanka).

      • Cheryl

        Yes there were 500 Tamils in 2010 and when I complained to my Federal MP for the fact that Canada should take a stand like Australia I was told if I didn’t like it I could move to Australia even though my family has been here since the 1800’s. Since when does an MP side with foreigners over Canadians born and raised here? I always thought it was taxpayers paying their salary or am I wrong?

        • Frau Katze

          Really? They’re disgusting arrogant, the politicians, aren’t they?

  • DMB
  • The Goat

    And how long before the left starts whining about the rise of “far right”? Oh wait, they’re already doing that..

  • Xavier

    Another article referred to them as “clandestine immigrants”.

    Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks.

  • You should see how local media here in Dhimmi Europe handled this story. Sob. No critical consideration of the implications of this invasion.