US shocker: Illegal Immigrant Families With Deportation Orders Go Missing

Thousands of illegal immigrants who spilled into border states earlier this year have “disappeared” from government tracking, according to a recent investigation by a Houston TV station.

The wave of unaccompanied children and women illegally crossing into the United States between July and October was so large that Border Patrol had to release thousands on their own recognizance due to lack of detention space.

Now, many of those ordered to be deported “can’t be found,” says investigative reporter Robert Arnold.

The Obama administration has repeatedly reinforced these cases as a top priority, yet the Houston TV station found that only a sliver have been sent home…

h/t Twitchy

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I am aghast at their lack of respect for the American legal system.
    Appalled is more like it!

  • Brett_McS

    ¡Yo no lo entiendo!

  • Blacksmith

    I am shocked I tell you! Okay not really, gotta get them dem voters in somehow.