The rise of terrorism

Ezra Levant breaks down why terrorism works – and why we’re seeing so much of it today.

  • Jason

    Ezra made some good points, I thought. It does seem that western countries are losing their will to fight. When confronted with raw aggression, with force, one would think that the first response to consider would be – greater force. But that no longer seems to be the case (possible exception: Israel)
    He doesn’t mention *why* we have become squeamish about fighting and resisting, but implies that it is at least partially because our societies are preoccupied with comfort and pleasure (perhaps more so than previous generations). I would also suggest that moral relativism is at play as well: though he mentions “evil” in the video, I think that (unfortunately) many people no longer really believe in it in any real, objective sense. So, distasteful as IS activities might be to some, they are not considered heinous offenses against some universal moral code, but more like undesirable, albeit shocking, behaviour. So why should we disturb our comfortable existences to oppose these “people”? I fear that with such attitudes our societies are becoming ripe for the picking. And our enemies know it.