Swedish compromise politics risks pushing voters to far right

Muslims go on a car-burning spree in Sweden in 2013.

(Reuters) – A deal between Sweden’s mainstream political parties aimed at neutralizing the far-right and avoiding a snap election could backfire by legitimizing the nationalist Sweden Democrats as the main opposition and focusing debate on immigration.

Last week’s unprecedented accord between the center-left and center-right cements their hold on power by making it easier for minority governments to pass a budget.

But it also risks painting the Sweden Democrats as the only alternative for a growing number of voters disenchanted with the country’s established parties.

“We are, in fact, the only opposition party now,” Sweden Democrats spokesman Henrik Vinge told Reuters.

While Sweden has been a by-word for tolerance, the party has surged in polls, moving from the extremist fringe a decade ago to become the country’s third-biggest party in September elections with the support of around 13 percent of voters…

…Their support was boosted by riots in immigrant-heavy suburbs around Stockholm last year, raising fears that integration policies were failing…

  • sue

    Why would you want to illiminate the host culture by invasion increase? Why do they not acknowledge culture as a fundemental reason why this area was so successful?

    • DMB

      Non host cultures have no allegiance to one particular nation and they are far more likely to dependent on government than the host culture therefore they are more easier to control. It also makes it easier for the European Union to take further control away from individual European nations and in the hands a of a few elite in the EU.

  • And yet two opposing parties formed an impromptu coalition so as to make the anti-immigration party moot.

  • kkruger71

    And again, subtle word choices are used to frame the news. “Push” voters to the “far” right, no way they would choose to put their votes there. “Legitimizing”, which means they weren’t before. “Painting…as the only alternative”, saying they really are not, even though they are. Etc, etc, etc.

  • Brett_McS

    Really, they should read Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book on the subject. Right Wing as used by Socialists is short for Right Wing Socialism, meaning socialists (Hitler, Mussolini) who have worked out that the original International Socialism (Bolshevism) doesn’t “sell”, and that people relate more to others in their own country – regardless of ‘class’ – than they do to others in different countries but of the same ‘class’.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Instead of ‘pushing voters to the right’ maybe the Swedish Democrats are merely showing them what the ‘rational middle’ looks like.

  • Pete_Brewster

    But of course, it’s in Russia that democracy is a thing of the past.

    • Yes. Both.

      Actually, no, Russia was never a democracy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Swedish politicians fear the right more than they fear the Muslims setting their kids on fire right in front of them. So they’ll work to keep the right out of the political process as long as they can at least until the Muslims slaughter them.