Next on the list of global problems to solve for Pope Francis: climate change.

  • BillyHW

    Our first retarded pope!

  • Richard_Romano

    Shouldn’t he be concerned about the spread of the gospel and of helping the poor and broken? This is a thoroughly leftist Pope, animated by leftist causes, most of them purely imaginary. It’s kinda sad.

  • Blacksmith

    The pope need to concentrate on administering the Catholic church and shut up about the rest. He has proven he is clueless. I hate to say it when I know the church could really have been a force for good if it had proper leadership. This pope has been such a disappointment.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    All he needs to do is compare weather reports for this day over the last hundred years. Afterwards, it may dawn on him that the climate emperors have no clothes and he can go back to running the Church properly.

  • Dana Garcia

    Oh great, now he’s a climate scientist. Apparently being an anti-sovereignty border-buster is not enough.

  • He needs to resign.

  • Martin B

    When Pope Dhimmi I isn’t bowing down to the Religion of Peace, he’s bowing down to the false prophets Al Bore & Dr Fruit Fly. What’s next?

  • ontario john

    I guess he didn’t hear that Las Vegas was hit by a major snow storm and the Canadian west is in a deep freeze. Well once islam, who he likes to kiss up to, kills all the Catholics he won’t have to worry about anything else.

  • Chatillon


    I am not a great fan of Pope Francis and am greatly disappointed that he demoted Cardinal Burke and took so long to respond to the interim _relatio_ issued at the recent synod. However this video oversteps on a number of points

    1) The contents of the “manifesto” as his upcoming letter was called are admittedly not know at this time. How can any of these commentators speak to it?
    2) Tim Heard states that the Catholic Church doesn’t know much about climate change. This is in fact not true, as the Church includes many scientists among its members.
    3) The digs against the Jesuits seem more appropriate for an evangelical presentation than for a news report. Moreover, it would seem that the Jesuits’ role as papal “though police” has lapsed and for sometime now
    4) It is possible that no matter what the cause of climate change might be, if the numerical models can be made to agree, the impact on farming and fresh water could require action beyond some folks riding a bicycle instead of driving their HumVee.

    A bit disappointing, this one.

  • I miss Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI…