New shelter to open for Stockholm Roma beggars

Beggars have become a common sight in Sweden’s capital in 2014, with up to 500 mostly Roma migrants arriving since the spring, according to Stockholm City Council.

The council is preparing to open a disused public building in a currently undisclosed location on days when temperatures drop below -7C, but it won’t be available until at least the end of the first week in January. Night time temperatures in the Swedish capital have fallen to as low as -12C in recent days.

“The cold weather came about a week earlier than expected,” Veronica Wollgast Karlberg, project manager at the city’s Social Services Department told The Local…

  • The Goat

    Doing the begging Swedes won’t do.

    • Frau Katze

      Someone has to do it!

  • Brett_McS

    Lot warmer in Africa.

    • Frau Katze

      They’re mostly from Romania and the Balkans.

      • Brett_McS

        I know. Just sayin’.

  • Ed Ellison

    Apparently pickin’s are good in Sweden.
    I wonder if all the Roma girls are that beefy?

  • simus1

    Are swedes so dull witted they don’t understand that roma begging is a highly structured criminal enterprise? It has nothing at all to do with poor foreigners a bit down on their luck.

    • Frau Katze

      We are seeing that average Swede doesn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain.

      • bob e

        absolutely astounding to me. like one mass suicide

  • Frances

    The Roma are interesting. Back in the day when we used to visit Slovakia, the only warning on Government of Canada website was about the Roma, particularly the children. Understood why as we observed them. Used to blast the children in my few words of Russian. Also knew where they lived. One fourplex on the way to the Super-Tesco had been taken over by the Roma. Gas lanterns everywhere, and a stovepipe thrust through the window for the heater. Felt very sorry for the apartment-dwellers across the street. Further in town, could identify Roma inhabitation of some of the old mediaeval courtyards – junk and smell. On the other hand, there were Roma who were trying to leave the thieving/scavenging life and facing problems. I remember an article in the Slovak Spectator about a Roma/Slovak couple. He was a Roma who faced problems trying to earn a living as a taxi driver. She also had issues in her work. The most interesting part of the article came from an interview of his mother, who blasted fellow Roma as being too often thieves and beggars, while worried about her daughter-in-law because Slovaks weren’t that committed to marriage but divorced too easily.

    I still wonder how that couple is doing, and hope their marriage is succeeding.

    • Frau Katze

      My theory (just a guess) is that over the centuries the brighter ones left and assimilated into the general European surroundings. Left behind is a hard core of what might be called losers.

      There’s a group of indigenous Irish who took up this lifestyle voluntarily and apparently they’re losers too.

    • Miss Mouse

      That woman depicted could be my downstairs neighbour, even down the posture. “Junk and smell” is all too familiar. Only she’s Nepalese. Must be a third world thing.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Oh, they are indeed.

      The Gypsies were apparently the only people in Romania to mourn the death of the Ceauşescus because they were the only ones to actually benefit from communism. Make-work jobs it was impossible to fire them from for drunkenness, absenteeism or utter incompetence, being paid by Elena to breed like rats for the bennies and then dump the little monsters in orphanages and be saved having to feed them? Those were the days, my friend.

      Scum. All of them. The free dogs of Bucharest are a more honourable race by far. At least the dogs didn’t howl in the Conducator’s favour.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would anyone need to beg in a perfect socialist utopia like Sweden?

    • Frau Katze

      I don’t much about them but everything I read is bad. Except for the press of course. The Economist notes that, given their high birth rate and other Europeans’ low birth rate, they’re “the future” of places like Romania.

      • Pete_Brewster

        They’ve all but replaced the German population in Transylvania, systematically destroying beautiful Saxon villages through neglect and their slovenly habits.

  • Petr

    When you feed rats, you will have more of them it is just a matter of time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why would anyone go to Sweden in the winter to panhandle? Sicily or Corsica or the Cote d’Azure would be far more practical.

  • DMB

    Sweden is getting an influx of Muslim and now Roma(Gypsy) newcomers. Instead of the best and brightest they are receiving the worst and most troublesome!