Media prioritises Muslim school kids over Christian school kids

A recent example of this is the December 16 Taliban attack on an army public school in Peshawar, where 145 people were killed, the majority being schoolchildren age 18 and under.

This incident was reported all over the mainstream media, and rightfully so.

Yet this begs the question: why do similar attacks, when directed at non-Muslims –especially Christians — rarely if ever get the same sort of media coverage?

For example, in Nigeria on November 10,

A suicide bomb attack in a Christian secondary school in the town of Potiskum in Yobe state, north-eastern Nigeria, has killed at least 47 people on Monday as the students gathered for morning assembly. Boko Haram is thought to be behind the blast, having carried out several attacks on schools giving a Western-style education. Translated from Hausa, Boko Haram means “Western education is forbidden” of which this latest school attack is a stark reminder.

Earlier in the year, “Boko Haram claimed the lives of 59 students at a Christian school … Some 50 men ambushed the school, then beat and shot staff and students. Once finished, they set fire to the buildings, with many students still inside. It’s the fourth attack of its kind since May of last year.”

  • The psychology of the Stockholm Syndrome is that the victim becomes very concerned with the welfare of his/her kidnapper, and relatively indifferent to the welfare of other victims. The victim hopes in this way to obtain a kinder treatment from the kidnapper. It is a kind of knee-jerk reaction from people who have no fight left in them.

    • Frau Katze

      The media remains completely addicted to the “Islam-is-a-victim” line. They just keep going on about like a broken record.

      I’m well and truly sick of it.

      • New Centurion

        Am I being too radical by suggesting we need a political party like the UKIP in Canada? I’m sure glad for sites like BFC.

        • Frau Katze

          We desperately need such a party.

  • roccolore

    Of course they do. Muslims get everything handed to them in Western schools.

  • In a way, they are not. No one is brave enough to admit Islamism is the problem, only “lone wolves”. That Muslims are given priority is along-standing bigger problem of Christian hatred.