Iraq suicide bomber was treated in Spain

A Libyan suicide bomber who carried out an attack in the name of Isis in October in Iraq received medical treatment in Spain, prompting fears that others who were radicalized after being treated in the country could carry out attacks on Spanish soil.

The man stayed in Spain for around a year to receive medical treatment for injuries sustained while fighting in Libya after which he returned to his home country.

He had originally come to Spain in December 2012 to receive medical treatment for a problem with his vision, sustained during fighting in Libya, staying until November 2013.


Gee… I wonder if any of the Libyan Rebels treated in Canada have paid us back in similar fashion?

Libya’s rebels receive treatment at Toronto Western Hospital

Lovely –

A 28-year-old Libyan amputee stabbed outside a downtown Ottawa hotel early Wednesday was in Canada receiving medical treatment.

A 21-year-old man who was arrested in the stabbing is also a Libyan amputee, who knows the victim.

Both men, who have lost their legs, were receiving prosthetics treatment in Toronto and had been in the country for several months, according to the Canadian Libyan Council.