Former Swedish PM tweets satire as news

The official Twitter account of the former prime minister of Sweden tweeted a satirical news report about an Israeli travel warning to Sweden as fact on Monday.

Carl Bildt, who served as Sweden’s prime minister from 1991-1994 and as foreign minister between 2006 and September of this year, tweeted the article by the Onion-style blog PreOccupied Territory, titled “Israel Issues Travel Warning For US, France, Sweden,” saying: “Israel has officially warned its citizens not to travel to Sweden. That’s somewhat of an overreaction.”

After about an hour, during which many users tweeted at him to tell him that the article was satirical, Bildt removed the link.

The report, published on Thursday, fictitiously reported that Jerusalem’s Foreign Ministry had issued a travel warning for Israeli tourists to stay out of several First World countries for fear of ethnic violence, highlighting internal turmoil in the United States, France and Sweden…

…PreOccupied Territory’s creator, David Swidler, a Jerusalem resident and Times of Israel blogger originally from New York, addressed Bildt on PreOccupied’s Twitter account, making light of the former Swedish head of government’s apparent tone-deafness to satire…