Christians in Kenya and Tanzania Under Threat as Islamist Groups Widen Influence

Concern is growing for the Christian populations of Kenya and Tanzania, as jihadists are widening their sphere of influence across East Africa, a leading charity for persecuted Christians has warned. Release International has identified Iraq as the worst place to be a Christian, but advised that Islamist groups wherever they are currently present the most pressing threat to Christians, even more so than repressive Communist regimes.

“Islamist groups are gaining ground in Africa,” Paul Robinson, Chief Executive of Release International has warned. “There is evidence to suggest they will become a growing force for instability in East Africa in 2015. The greatest risk to freedom of faith in the New Year comes from Islamic groups determined to establish their brutal version of Sharia law – whatever the cost to human life.

“One of the worst places to be a Christian in 2014 was Iraq. Faced with the stark choice of conversion or beheading, most left everything and fled. Intolerant extremism poses the greatest threat to Christians in 2015.”

  • ontario john

    Forget about those Christian infidels, The Toronto Star wants everyone to visit the new museum of islamic propaganda in Toronto to experience the joys and culture of islam, as the Star reports today its one of the top ten new buildings in Toronto.

  • The Goat

    Were Jews afraid of Nazis, or Naziists?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’ve got to say that sadly, no one’s really ever cared about the various genocides in Africa no matter who’s done them.