USA: Guess what? ‘Farmers brace for labor shortage under new policy (amnesty)’

Importing unskilled labour to work at jobs the citizens “won’t do” is a true Ponzi scheme. Once they become citizens, they won’t do those jobs either, according to this New York Times article:

FRESNO, Calif. — Farmers already scrambling to find workers in California — the nation’s leading grower of fruits, vegetables and nuts — fear an even greater labor shortage under President Barack Obama’s executive action to block some 5 million people from deportation.

Thousands of the state’s farmworkers, who make up a significant portion of those who will benefit, may choose to leave the uncertainty of their seasonal jobs for steady, year-around work building homes, cooking in restaurants and cleaning hotel rooms.

“This action isn’t going to bring new workers to agriculture,” said Jason Resnick, vice president and general counsel of the powerful trade association Western Growers. “It’s possible that because of this action, agriculture will lose workers without any mechanism to bring in new workers.”

Note that carefully: they want a new “mechanism to bring in new workers.”

Although details of the president’s immigration policy have yet to be worked out, Resnick said the agricultural workforce has been declining for a decade. Today, the association estimates there is a 15 to 20 percent shortage of farmworkers, which is driving the industry to call for substantial immigration reform from Congress, such as a sound guest worker program.

“Hopefully there will be the opportunity for comprehensive immigration reform,” said Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. “That’s the right thing to do for this country.”

The right thing to do for the country. Try: the right thing to do for Big Agriculture. And where are these new workers going to come from? If the USA moves to a de facto open borders nation (at least on their southern border) and then insists on legalizing everyone who moves in, where will the new farm workers come from?

Clearly, the Big Ag is pushing for even more migrants. This where the Ponzi scheme part comes in.

I would suggest that they start paying the workers more and drop the open borders nonsense. Sure, that will increase the cost of food, but we will have to live with it. What is our alternative?  Where does the Ponzi scheme reach its breaking point?

  • Ponzi would be proud.

    • Frau Katze

      The entire population of the third world would not be enough to satisfy the pro-immigration business crowd.

      • The Goat

        You madame must be a racist.

        • Frau Katze

          I’m just a h8tr.

          • WalterBannon

            I only vote for h8trs now

  • The Goat

    Do we seriously not have Japanese crop-picking robots yet? We put a man on the moon like 50 years ago! When is it going to be the future already?!

    • Frau Katze

      The article notes:

      Central Valley farmer Harold McClarty of HMC Farms, who hires a thousand workers at harvest time, said there is no replacing the human hand for picking the 50 varieties of peaches he grows. His workers pick a single tree five or more times, making sure the fruit they take is ripe.

      “We haven’t found any machines that can do anything like that,” he said. “You can’t just pick the whole tree.”

      • Dana Garcia

        Robots are coming and the farmers know it. First came simple harvesters and weeders, but now the machines are quite advanced.

        Peaches will be one of the last crops to be machine pickable because they are easily damaged. But robot guys now have a mechanical hand that can perceive a pepper ready to be harvested and can pick it, albeit rather slowly.

        • WalterBannon

          so what you are saying is we can start mass deportations

          • Dana Garcia

            Actually I don’t want to pay for free-to-them rides home. If jobs were removed the magnet would be gone and illegals could get home the same way they got here — on their own peso.

        • Frau Katze

          Interesting. I wish them much luck!

  • winniec

    Earning peanuts in California is big money when sent back to an impoverished country due to the lower cost of living. But when they become US residents, they get welfare, so it isn’t worth working on the farms.

  • Dana Garcia

    There are plenty of experienced pickers already residing in the US who are available. Fresno County in California’s central valley had a Nov. unemployment rate of 11.2 percent.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Obviously that is not cheap enough.
      Those farmers could automate too.
      This is one of the reasons I support a higher minimum wage.

  • WalterBannon

    I suggest a forced farm labor pool, employing only democrats. They want Marxism so lets give it to them.

    • Frau Katze

      Collective farms, go!

  • James Hamilton

    “Sure, that will increase the cost of food”
    Or it may mean ‘less’ in the pockets of big bosses of food cartel.