Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union.

Hear the story of why the EDL started from the man him self.

h/t RM

  • winniec

    Tommy is a courageous fellow, but he has certainly learned a lot about the law due to it! If he had kept his legal advisor close to him, he could have avoided a lot of personal trouble and the UK counterjihad movement would be stronger for it. The UK politicians have little or no acquaintance with the original, foundational Islam that is the model of modern jihadists, so they make many assumptions that create a totally daft policy of appeasement. The jihadists laugh at naïve Cameron and Theresa May because they spread jihadi disinformation for them! We should remember how appeasement worked for Neville Chamberlain. Cameron does not want to go down in history as ‘a second Chamberlain’.

    Tommy, we’re winning the public opinion battle. God bless.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I only agree with Robinson on defending the nation but I don’t agree with the wars since 9/11. It should have been planned out by the West instead of wasting the nations resources. That is what has to be said. I also checked up on Robinson by checking on Wikipedia. Why did he leave the BNP party and help to form the British Freedom party which seems like a party in the BNP that opposes usury. The logos of the BFP looks like the Tea Party logos which stand for keeping usury like Nigel Farage. The only ones for true freedom are the BNP. The BNP also want to follow the paths of Gaddafi. Gaddafi saved Africa by putting Libya under the Gold Dinar and the Gold Dinar prompted the NATO alliance to conquer Libya. The BFP is for keeping everything as is. Britain right now is going for 1.4 T in national debt. The BFP is for angering people without restructuring.

  • Just a thought

    Thanks. I’ve been wanting to know a bit more about him.