Germany: The elite fights back: closes pro-PEGIDA petition, allows anti-PEGIDA petition to continue

The “Yes to Pegida” Petition, with 37,120 signatures was closed last night. In a note at the petition page, it says: “Some user comments on this petition violated our community guidelines. We have begun an examination.”

It is that simple to erase politically inconvenient opinions on supposedly free Internet and suppress the will of the people. Only at great legal expense would it be possible to determine who submitted comments “against the community guidelines.”

In contrast, the petition against Pegida “for a diverse Germany” has been been heavily promoted by the same press that has attacked the pro-Pegida stance.

Bild titled its report: “Online petition against Pegida is internet hit,” n24 wrote “Rush to sign petition against Pegida.” Handelblatt informed its readers that “About 190,000 people sign #NoPegida,” while Tagesspiegel went with “Online petition ‘for a diverse Germany’ has rapid inflow.”

A reader of the blog (Politcally Incorrect) alleges that many entries are at pro-Pegida are fake. [I am having some trouble understanding the machine translation, but he appears to say there are multiples of the same name.]

Do we have an official “propaganda ministry”? One might almost think so. This steering of the people, by cooperation between the politicians and the press is close to a totalitarian system…

What cannot be denied is the attendance at the weekly rallies… We are the people!

Note: article and all links are in German.  PEGIDA is an acronym meaning  “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Pegida could never happen prior to the internet.
    The gate keepers had too much power.
    We exist outside the legacy media.
    And they can’t stop us, anymore.

    • Keep it up.

    • Icebow

      The so-called ‘politically correct’ must be identified as cultural traitors and punished, and re-educated, in due course.

      • Blacksmith

        They just need to be shot, or sent to shitstainistan.

    • Frau Katze

      They’re working in it. The suicidal urge is strong.

    • eMan14

      But they will try to stop us.

  • DD_Austin should be derange,borg

    a progressive site used by unthinking leftist stooges

    It would be news if they didn’t shut down a non leftist “petition”

  • RevnantDream
  • Bastards.

  • Blacksmith

    “Do we have an official “propaganda ministry”? ”
    Why yes you do it is called the main stream media and in EVERY western country they are the propaganda arm of the leftist/progressives that want to turn the west into 3rd world countries.