Decapitating, impaling among the horrifying suggestions for captured Jordanian Moaz al-Kasasba

A very devout people these Muslims.

  • Just a thought

    I wouldn’t want to risk being captured by them without a cyanide pill. Given what they do to captives, it would be permissible.

    • I think so.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      What’s wrong with running at them while firing?
      For God’s sake man, take as many out as you can before THEY have to kill you.
      Never give the enemy a free win.

      • WalterBannon

        What’s wrong is that the appropriate response to Islam is nuclear ICBM’s, and not boots on the ground.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Arab world should have some sort of online contest like American Idol. The winner gets to kill him the way they like.

  • Jason

    It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if this idea came from the top. They use social media very cleverly, and cynically manipulate people with it. This would serve multiple functions for them: instilling fear in their enemies (and allies) – don’t they like to do that?! – creating a sense of shared purpose among their slaves/citizens, and inviting others to lose what little sense of decency and probity they might have had. People with weak moral/ethical guidelines are easily manipulated and unlikely to stand up to them.

  • Once again, these people race to the very depths of depravity.