Barack Obama: the best US president Iran ever had

Imagine if Mitt Romney had accurately predicted that a re-elected Barack Obama would restore Iran’s prestige as a regional power, cover for them as they completed their nuclear weapons research, and turn Iraq into a bloody quagmire where Tehran would become a major player as a de facto U.S. ally. Obama’s media cheerleaders would have been carted off newsroom sets, clutching their chests and gasping for air.

But here we are, watching the Iranians hold a hero’s funeral for a commander in the Revolutionary Guard…

  • Just a thought

    I haven’t read all this info on Iran by Dr. Pipes yet (actually didn’t realize he had this much, as I haven’t been following like I used to)
    But I doubt he’ll disappoint, unless you’re an Islamophile.

    This fellow also seems to have a lot of useful material on Islamic messianism, though some care may be necessary in reading it.

  • In 2008, Obama said he would meet Iran without pre-conditions.

    None of this should be a surprise.