Australia: Muslim who joined Islamic State reported killed, praised as ‘martyr’ and ‘hero’ online

A BANKSTOWN extremist identified as the latest Australian jihadist to be killed fighting for Islamic State’s terror army in Syria was last night being praised as a martyr by friends and supporters in Australia.

It is believed Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ghazzawi was killed by Syrian forces on Boxing Day.

Originally from Lebanon, Al-Ghazzawi lived in the Bankstown area before he travelled to join the brutal extremist fighters who have seized large swathes of northern Iraq and Syria in an increasingly bloody campaign to establish a caliphate.

  • These lone wolves sure are getting a lot of support from other lone wolves.

  • Just a thought

    How Islamists are making the world a better place, by leaving it.

  • BillyHW


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Another foreign volunteer enjoying his 15 minutes of martyrdom.

  • suzanne

    I’m really annoyed that mainstream (not you guys) printed his face and inturn elevating his status visually within our community.

  • Blacksmith

    He came from an islamist shit hole, lived in a western country and then moved back to another islamist shit hole.
    I say save some time and money and leave them in the shithole of their origin. Don’t let them emigrate, don’t let them come for education.

  • Tony

    Best news I have heard all day!
    Bankstown is the cesspool of Islamist welfare bludgers in Australia.