Al-Qaeda urges ‘lone wolf’ jihadists to place hidden bombs on planes

Al Qaeda has called for a new generation of ‘lone wolf’ terrorists to blow up easyJet and British Airways planes using bombs made in their kitchens.

The chilling call to arms in the terror group’s online magazine says the airlines should be targeted to gain headlines and ‘crush the enemy’s economy’.

Released on Christmas Eve, the edition of Inspire names BA because it is the ‘flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom’ and the largest airline by number of planes.

Air France and US carriers American Airlines, United, Continental and Delta are also named, alongside high-profile American figures Bill Gates and former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke…

Nothing really new here. Islamic State’s new ‘marketing’ technique, that called for the ‘lone wolves’ to create mayhem however they could, even in a small way, was especially successful since many of the mentally disturbed people who responded are not capable of something like putting a bomb on a plane.

They are mentally ‘disorganized’ and creating a bomb, much less putting it on a plane requires someone with a higher level of functioning.  Many of such candidates have already left to join Islamic State abroad.  

It is interesting that these terrorist groups are incapable of joining forces with each other.  That is one of their weaknesses.

  • “It is interesting that these terrorist groups are incapable of joining forces with each other. That is one of their weaknesses.”

    It is unfortunately also one of Islam’s strengths. By calling them “lone wolfs” Western authorities ignore/miss the genius of Islam – the ability of Islam to harness social misfits to commit violence in the name of Islam.

  • How are people “mentally ill” or “lone wolves” if there are huge numbers subscribing to this magazine and following its advice?

    • Frau Katze

      I would argue that most of those capable of doing something like a plane bombing are already in Syria. I am just guessing, of course.

  • Moslems, except those who clearly sincerely renounce the Koran ideology, must be expelled from all Western countries, if peace is to return to the world. Otherwise, things will only get worse and worse. The expulsion, which is not a novelty in history (e.g. Moslems were, together with the Jews, expelled from Spain in 1492), won’t happen all over the West in one go. First, some one Western country (a government) must have the courage the break the ice and show the way to the others. Perhaps it will be Australia first. Maybe then Canada. Or maybe the lead will come from some European country, such as Italy or Poland. All the others will cry foul loudly, but once the example is set they will eventually follow suit under popular pressure. If such mass expulsion does not occur, the West will go under within decades, into a new and prolonged Dark Age. The Moslems will create anarchy and be invited to share power and eventually take control. It may happen, for it looks like some Western folk, such as the Brits, have a death wish, a lassitude of living, a flabby surrender in the face of challenge, a loss of fighting spirit. Some individual Westerners might resist the takeover and rebel, but they seem to be a minority. The Moslems will be ruthless and ultra-violent, as they have proven to be throughout the Mideast (PA, AQ, MB, Hamas, IS, etc.). May God have mercy on the world – it does not deserve the horror to come.

  • ntt1

    Take a page from the Israellis book and demolish a mosque every friday in reprisal for terror attacks, make it retroactive.

    • Just a thought

      We don’t do that.

      • ntt1

        Yes and unfortunately the enemy knows that, while they are free to perform the most depraved acts with out reprisal.

  • Oracle9

    Two can play at economic warfare.

    The airline insurers seem to be behind the curve, but when they start paying attention they are the key to getting serious about solving this problem.

    In the meantime, fly El Al – they go worldwide and they aren’t afraid to profile.

  • mobuyus

    Bumper to bumber lone wolve gridlock.

    • Frau Katze


  • Ken

    I work for a major airline here in Canada (won’t say which one). The facility I work in also trains baggage handlers. Lots of them. It’s a revolving door basically. (High turnover I guess). Anyway, I hope they’re all being vetted properly, because I don’t like the look of some of them. Just sayin.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fly Malaysia for when you get that sudden Jihadi urge