Acquittal of the Guilty

“Acquittal of the guilty damns the judge.” – Horace

With every lone wolf terror attack these days there’s always the sequent announcement, either from the press or the local police spokesperson, suggesting that the terrorist was suffering from mental illness. It had nothing to do with the religion of Islam and jihad but everything to do with the perpetrator’s drug addiction, or a stormy marriage, or the fact that he was a new convert and misinterpreted Islam, or…well, you get the picture. And we, as we go about our busy day, accept their compendious overviews probably because, as Neil J. Kressel reminds us, “…most of our insight into why individuals become fundamentalist terrorists is not based on firm research.”

  • Islam’s bigger picture is quite simple.

    A small percentage of religious fruitcakes willing to kill, control the rest of the population.

    Where these “religious fruitcakes” come from is not important. These “lone wolf” social misfits (mental illness) are simply a fact of life in the continuing life of Islam itself.

    Islam harnesses the destructive power of these mental cases for the “good” of Islam.