Abuse of women by Islamist militants: ‘mental disorder’ or misreading of Sharia?

“The IS are not obtaining the pure teaching of Islam, they only seek their own explanations of Islam to excuse their crimes,” Islamism expert, Ahmed Ban, told Ahram Online.

He said the leaders of IS depend on stories related to Sahabah (friends of the prophet) that cut off their enemies’ heads and organs. But Islam and the Quran is far from accepting such crimes, Ban said.

Ban also added that Islam came when slavery already existed, but Islam was trying to counter the phenomenon, not spread it. Ban said the Prophet Mohamed himself was buying slaves and freeing them, as well as advising his friends to do the same.

“Most radical and extremist leaders are mentally ill,” Ban said.

He explained that jihadists and radical leaders are using religion as a cover for their crimes and their psychological disorders, especially towards women.

“We need revolutionary change from the intellectual heritage that justifies these crimes,” Ban added.

Enough with this mental illness fallacy. I’d say they were perfectly coherent Muslims.