US-led coalition marks end of ‘longest war’ in Afghanistan

The US and NATO hold a ceremony in Kabul on Sunday to mark the end of a 13-year war that drove the Taliban from power but left vast swathes of the country in the grip of insurgent violence.

The event was arranged in secret due to the threat of Taliban strikes in the Afghan capital, which has been hit by repeated suicide bombings and gun attacks over recent years.

On January 1, the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) combat force will be replaced by a NATO “training and support” mission.

Some 12,500 foreign troops will remain in Afghanistan as part of the mission, code-named “Resolute Support”. They will not be involved in direct fighting, but will assist the Afghan army and police in the battle against the Taliban, who ruled from 1996 until 2001.

  • minuteman

    They are not marking the end of the war, they are marking their withdrawal from the theatre of combat

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      So you wanted to follow McCain’s plan which is for the US to be in each of the nations they conquer for 100+ years. I thought these wars were about bringing democracy and not being conquerors like the example I like to give is the US wants each of these areas to be another “Roman” province.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        The US knows nothing other than serving its war economy.

      • minuteman

        Did I say that? No I didn’t, but to claim the war ended because you packed up and went home is just a lie. It’s like history recording the Vietnam war “ended” when the Americans packed up and went home. It didn’t it dragged on for years after that.
        If I was US president after 9/11 I would have sent the necessary forces into A’stan to destroy the Taliban training camps and infrastructure, then gone home until they needed another good ass kicking.

      • Freedom

        We still have troops in Germany and Japan over 65 years later, so what?
        War ends when you win or lose.
        You defeat an enemy by destroying its ability and will to fight.

        You need a real leader towin a war and the US has nothing close to that at this time.

        They are fighting the war in Afghanistan just like in Vietnam, draw a line and defend. You do not win wars with that strategy.

      • Minicapt

        You haven’t been thinking. Ever.


  • Hard Little Machine

    1500 more troops were sent to Iraq this week. There was a small firefight between US troops and ISIS this week.

  • simus1

    The “longest something or other quint services mission ” playing at policing the most unpolicable part of the world there is.War? Don’t think so.
    The CIA and Air Force seemed to be managing quite well with the help of the Northern Alliance, Putin, and the ex-Soviets. Heading into backwoods pashtunistan south of Kabul to “bring democracy” to a bunch of inbred idiots was typical American BS dating back to Truman and just as useless.