Sweden: No breakthrough for police after mosque fire – no traces of accelerant found so far

Police in central Sweden have yet to make any arrests following a fire at a mosque on Christmas Day, which left several people hurt.

The incident took place in Eskilstuna and a witness claimed to see a person throwing a burning object, suspected to be a bottle of petrol, at the mosque before it exploded into flames.

However, despite questioning more than 50 people over the past three days police have yet to identify a suspect and are unable to confirm whether the fire was even started on purpose.

“Right now we have a dozen people working on this. The barriers remain in place and we are bringing in a fire expert who will give his assessment of what happened.” police spokesman Lars Franzell told the TT news agency.

Among the methods used by the police was to bring in sniffer dogs who could identify flammable liquid potentially thrown at the mosque, but this has yet to yield any results…

  • Xavier

    But the Imam has burned hands, right?

  • Minicapt

    “Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”


    • Petrilla

      Lazy stupid people let bad things happen. Lazy bad cops let supd things happen. How many of those cops work in Malmo? How many of them want to get home safely tonight? Cops today anywhere in the world are fighting feral animals ESP in the USA. Cops, like you and me, just want to go home safely.

  • Petrilla

    Lately Swedes have not themselves any honours in the bravey department. Swedish cops, can,t go there, Judas Priest do you have any idea as menwho your ancester’ were? Swedish men, stand up before your country is gone. Your family might have gone with the Nazis, but surely YOU SWEDISH men of today will stand up, don’t try to sue me, I think as a Canadian who lost thousands of our beautiful young men protecting you and your nice idea, maybe, just once, Swedish men could stand up against what is happening in malmo. Cops, stand up. Citizens stand up..

  • Gary

    I predicted it was just as fake as the Pickering Mosque arson back around 2004 because there never seems to be witnesses and video that leads to arrests . The Pickering mosque fraud didn’t get the attention of the media when the facts came out that the Custodian just happened to be at the Mosque at 3:00 am to call 9-1-1 but never heard the doors and windows being smashed by those drunken Christian bigots that Mark Holland and Dan McTeague blame it on prior to any arrests or video evidence.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Lebanese lightning strikes again.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh pish posh blame it on the Jews already.