Mugged by Reality, a New ADL Might Well Emerge

“In an interview with JNS reporter Jacob Kamaras published in Jewish papers across the country, I noted – as did several others in that piece and elsewhere – that Greenblatt’s profile as a progressive Democrat, especially one who holds a position in the Obama Administration, signaled that ADL would continue, even double down, on what many of us have been calling a disastrously failed policy of abandoning Jewish interests in favor of some vague universalism.

As the left/Muslim alliance is driving the Jews out of Europe and is now surging on our campuses, American Jewry’s most powerful defense agency has no strategy to deal with these real threats. Instead, ADL advocates for the Democratic Party’s agenda items – women’s and gay rights, immigration, voter ID laws, etc. ADL even fights “Islamophobia,” a bogus concept whose intent and effect is to block any criticism of Islamic culture, behavior or belief. Appointing a progressive like Greenblatt, I thought, would ensure that ADL’s vast resources will continue to be diverted away from real efforts to protect Jewish interests and Jewish lives.”


Personally I believe this article to be all too hopeful. Last week Michael Coren spoke very candidly to the JDL about his belief that Liberal-Left Jews in North America will abandon Israel, well, those that haven’t already done so, and that this will eventually be the majority position. I am inclined to agree with Coren.