Making It Safe to Rape Women

The criminal lawyer Edward Greenspan was eulogized extensively in the National Post. Described as a “legal superstar,” six of Greenspan’s most notable cases were summarized in the print edition. Oddly, in five out of six, the superstar’s clients went to jail. The notable who got off was Gerald Regan, the former Premier of Nova Scotia. Portraying the accusations of sexual assault as a politically motivated witch-hunt, Greenspan succeeded by “…reducing some of the accusers to tears.”

  • Pete_Brewster

    Bull. Regan’s getting off and Lord Black’s going to jail had nothing to do with the hotshot lawyer. Regan had friends and probably fellow abusers in all the right places. Lord Black only had enemies.

  • Waffle

    It looks as if rape is the flavour de jour, but Eddie’s shtick was really capital punishment. The case that had a profound influence on the coming-of-age generation of which he and I were born into was the case of Stephen Truscott.

    Stephen was sentenced to death at the age of 14 for the rape/murder of Lynne Harper. All of us were affected. We could all visualize ourselves dangling from the end of the hangman’s noose. Eddie made it his life-long quest to ensure that capital punishment never returned to Canada. Certainly a consideration was the execution of an innocent person which probably would have happened if the hanging of Truscott had been carried out.

    Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to ask Eddie to what extent the Truscott case influenced his choices and his mission. I interviewed him a few years ago, but our conversation focused on the influence of the fictional Perry Mason, a role model for a generation. Whether or not he won his cases was is not the point. He gave his clients the excellent defence to which they were entitled.

  • roccolore

    You can thank all those rape hoaxers that make it harder to prove rape.