Israelites Sue GPS Provider For Faulty Wilderness Directions – humour

Kadesh Barnea, Sinai Wilderness, December 25 – The twelve tribes of Israel have filed a lawsuit in district court over what they claim is negligent behavior on the part of their Global Positioning System provider, accusing the company of causing them to wander aimlessly in the desert for decades.

Israelite Nation v. Moreh Derech, Ltd. names the company and its senior management figures individually, charging that they knowingly and carelessly provided mapping and guidance that failed to offer a clear or navigable route to the land of Canaan.

Instead of taking slightly less than two weeks to traverse the area between Mt. Horeb and the southernmost extent of the Promised Land, as promised, the Israelites claim they were forced to spend nearly thirty-eight years camped in one spot before proceeding, and even then they were taken on a circuitous route around the eastern edge of the land…