Islamic State’s ‘provinces’ claim attacks in Egypt, Libya

From Issue #5 of Dabiq, allegedly showing IS jihadis in the Sinai.

The Islamic State’s “provinces” in Egypt and Libya claimed recent attacks in both countries via jihadist supporters earlier today. The group’s claims of responsibility were first obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The Islamic State’s Wilayat Sinai, or Sinai province, publicized that its operatives were responsible for the Dec. 23 attack on a natural gas pipeline that runs into Jordan. The organization said the attack was retribution for Jordan’s “participation in the war on the Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria.

Wilayat Sinai’s claim of responsibility was published in tweets by the Islamic State’s supporters. Twitter has repeatedly suspended Wilayat Sinai’s accounts, forcing the group to distribute its propaganda through other sites.

The Wilayat Sinai also claimed responsibility for two attacks on Egyptian military vehicles, saying that the personnel in one of them were killed…