Canada: ‘Being here made me explore what it was to be Muslim,’ say two Muslim girls from Toronto

“I just feel like any other person to be honest. I feel good, I mean, when I look at other countries like France, where the hijab is banned, it feels really good that I can wear my hijab. I can dress the way I want, modestly, without feeling like I’m restricted, or that I’m looked down upon,” said Sahrish.

“It gave me more love towards my faith being Canadian-Muslim. I was 7-years-old when I came to Canada and I remember before I came everyone around me was Muslim, I was born Muslim, but nobody told me why or what it means to be a Muslim. But when I came here – as a Canadian Muslim – I realized I am more of myself here than I was, as a Muslim, back home. Being here made me explore what it was to be Muslim,” said Mariyam.

This is from a Canadian Islamic site, Muslim Link, and presumably intended for a Muslim audience. For example, after a quick glance at their site, I spotted this: “Learn about the University of Melbourne’s Canadian Convert Study.”

They are not here to assimilate anymore than those in Europe. They seem quite happy to plan to assimilate us.

For their attitude towards Israel, read: “Israeli check point “recreated” in downtown Ottawa” (April, 2014). Photo below:


  • Martin B

    Is it just me or does that “Israeli check point” recreation look a lot like Syrian soldiers waiting to be beheaded by the Islamic State for apostasy?

    • Pontifex Maximus

      It is not just you; all of those pro-Mohammedan imbeciles should be parachuted right into the Boko Haram headquarters!

      • winniec

        They could ‘marry’ a different jihadist every day.

    • That’s just what it looks like.

    • winniec

      ISIS has murdered over 2,000 people in a half a year, including a few hundred deserters.

    • Petrilla

      Oh look, how cute, two Ottawa students pretend they know something about Israeli checkpoints, which could probably save their cute little Canadian lives. Why haven’t these BRAVE CANADIAN students protested the savage b headings in the Middle East? Easy, they love their OWN necks to hang their pretty jewellery from. Shallow, shallow, young stupid ill informed but mostly shallow. They might shudder at their stupidity not too long coming from now. And then they will realize they were on the wrong side and have to fight for their own lives, but can they? I wonder.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    Hey, Mohammedan females: get ready for your eventual fate unless the trends are urgently reversed!

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    They can be proud as much as they want , one thing for sure is if those Muslims terrorists keep planning terror attacks here in the West is,those hijabs and their mosques will become history.

    • Pontifex Maximus

      Mohammedanism delenda est!

  • Petrilla

    Having been given everything GOOD that Canadian society offered these muslim girls, they chose NOT TO BE CANADIAN, but rather to explore being muslim, which apparently was HARD in the muslim country they came from, BECAUSE they were GIRLS. I guess they are saying islam is greater and easier to do here and because to them islam is greater than Canada, are they not? These muslim girls Canada can do without. Girls, give up everything Canada gave you and go back, see how you like it. I remember when Canada was a pretty peaceable place, before 9/11 and before islam ran rampant in Canada. Was it too much for muslims to do what generations of immigrants did? Assimilate and become Canadian?

  • Of course it did.

    Who makes anyone acclimatise or assimilate in Canada?

  • winniec

    “I feel good, I mean, when I look at other countries like France, where the hijab is banned, it feels really good that I can wear my hijab.”
    Canadians should demand the country ban the veil due the way it oppresses women and denies them the equality of the Canadian constitution.

  • sonomaca

    From the MuslimLink website, please meet the wonderful convert Eric Tibbetts:

    Notice how he discusses the most effective Dawah strategies, and how he bemoans the fact that some Canadian converts join ISIS but doesn’t actually condemn ISIS. I’ve also taken a look at some of his Facebook activity. The guy is reliably playing footsies with Pali’s, spreading Pali propaganda, and bashing PM Harper.

    Also notice that he’s from the product of an unstable family situation.

    • Frau Katze

      Pathetic beard. What a nut. Of course he is pro-Pal. What Muslim isn’t?

      Diversity is our strength! Not!

    • Minicapt

      … “Carleton University” …


  • Canadian

    I vote for full burkahs for those two.

    • Petrilla

      I think a reality check would be to THROW them out of Canada to be jihad I brides. These two might like whipping and I mean whipping those Yasidi women. Any idiot who thinks women could rule the world is an idiot. Women are crueler and I m a woman. Who is running IS now. Women. WHY? These disgustingw omen, mostly from the WEST are overseeing the pregnancy of their slave Yasidid and also VERY STUPUD girls from the west. I do have a solution, not popular. Why aren’t we bombing the sheit out of the enemy? Men, women and children, they are all the enemy. The only way to stamp out a virulent disease is to destroy it.

      • Canadian

        I agree.

    • WalterBannon

      and they can wear them in Pakistan after we deport them

      • Canadian

        Anywhere but here!

  • eMan14

    ” I can dress the way I want, modestly, without feeling like I’m restricted, or that I’m looked down upon,” said Sahrish.”
    They are looked down upon. We, as a society, are just too polite to say so.
    Also… they are still restricted. They just don’t recognize that fact.

  • WalterBannon

    Being here made me want to emigrate, says sixth generation Canadian who was born and lives in Toronto.

  • gainny

    So living in Canada just made them more Muslim. Another good reason to end Muslim immigration.