Canada: ‘Being here made me explore what it was to be Muslim,’ say two Muslim girls from Toronto

“I just feel like any other person to be honest. I feel good, I mean, when I look at other countries like France, where the hijab is banned, it feels really good that I can wear my hijab. I can dress the way I want, modestly, without feeling like I’m restricted, or that I’m looked down upon,” said Sahrish.

“It gave me more love towards my faith being Canadian-Muslim. I was 7-years-old when I came to Canada and I remember before I came everyone around me was Muslim, I was born Muslim, but nobody told me why or what it means to be a Muslim. But when I came here – as a Canadian Muslim – I realized I am more of myself here than I was, as a Muslim, back home. Being here made me explore what it was to be Muslim,” said Mariyam.

This is from a Canadian Islamic site, Muslim Link, and presumably intended for a Muslim audience. For example, after a quick glance at their site, I spotted this: “Learn about the University of Melbourne’s Canadian Convert Study.”

They are not here to assimilate anymore than those in Europe. They seem quite happy to plan to assimilate us.

For their attitude towards Israel, read: “Israeli check point “recreated” in downtown Ottawa” (April, 2014). Photo below: