Australia: Jihad bride spouts hate on social media

A YOUNG Melbourne woman has become one of the latest in a string of Australians to be seduced by the Islamic State death cult, sneaking to Syria to marry a Jihadi playboy.

Zehra Duman’s distraught parents say the 21-year-old has been “brainwashed” and they are desperately working with authorities to bring her home.

The former Isik College Keysborough student declared she would burn her Australian passport as she travelled to meet Mahmoud Abullatif, a former Melbourne party boy-turned Muslim extremist who earlier this year joined the barbaric IS terrorist fighters in the Middle East.

The pair announced their marriage online on December 11 with the hashtag ­#TheIslamicState, and posted a photograph of their mahr (dowry) which included an automatic weapon for the young bride.

Despite attempts from family and friends to bring her home, Duman’s social media pages paint a picture of a woman filled with hate for non-Muslims…