Andrew Bostom: My Brief Discussion of Jihad, Sharia, & the Plight of Middle East Christians with Judge Jeanine Pirro

Is the call for jihad against a particular people a religious right of those calling for it, or is it a human rights violation against the people upon whom jihad is declared and waged?

  • Had a priest/rabbi/monk issued a missive declaring that followers should reject secularism and embrace their faith more fully, this would be interpreted by leftist wags as militant. Imams openly embrace violence and this is ignored.

    Islamists are not destroying the West; they are finishing it off. People have rejected peaceful, rational values in lieu of surrender. As before, another empire crumbles. I fear what may replace it.

  • Dana Garcia

    Judge Jeanine takes no prisoners. Here’s the show intro:

  • ontario john

    The trouble is the West is ruled by politicians who are cowards when it comes to islam. They cater to the left wing and muslim voters. Meanwhile the planet lives in fear of islamic terrorism yet the West refuses to even admit that islam is the problem. They hide behind absurd excuses like mental illness and lone wolves. The media is controlled by leftists who ignore the atrocities of the religion of peace and do everything possible to promote it. And even more destructive has been the leftist attack on the traditional family over the years.

  • Frau Katze

    I started reading his book on The Legacy of Jihad. Man, it was depressing I haven’t gone past the first chapter. Must steel myself to finish it.