Will our elders be left behind with dying media?

“…What I had really wanted to talk about this time out was dying media, which should have some value to readers who are deciding whether to renew subscriptions in the new year.

Many of our elders still really believe in the legacy media. Those media’s readers, listeners, and viewers are disproportionately older people these days. And older people express opinions and vote. Meanwhile, the media they depend on, while losing ad revenue, are also losing the ability to provide serious news coverage.


  • Jim Horne

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  • The legacy media has a major problem. It has allowed liberal bias to dictate how the news is reported. The result, my local new paper seams more like democratic party political rag than a news paper.

    Where I live there is only one news paper. And if I want to read a news paper, there is no other choice.

    I have been unhappy with its biased reporting for some time. (The local paper has never printed even one of the “Mohammad cartoons”, and always presents Islam as a victimized religion.)

    I read the paper because I am an old guy and have read news papers for 60+ years. But I am close to canceling my subscription and relying on a tablet and the internet for a more balanced view.

    The legacy news papers need to return to reporting the facts. Drop the liberal bias. Tell the politically incorrect truths (about Islam and others.) If not, expect readership to continue to plummet. And that includes me.

    • Denyse was right, when it comes to Islam our media is like a Soviet era Pravda.

    • Alleena

      I live in one of the most Conservative small cities in the United States. I read our paper for years, and then it became more and more and more liberal. I would open it and and get upset. About five or so years ago, I’d had enough and cancelled it. I haven’t looked back. It was also one thing less to get rid of. Now, I get my news from sites on the internet which I think are at least trying to get the facts. The print press may be harmed by the internet, but it is their liberal bias which is destroying them.

  • DD_Austin

    What the article like most the MSM writes, misses, and misses entirely is that people used to buy the papers for the notices, employment ads, for sales ads and for rent ads, not their stupid articles, and technology has made it so you don’t need to buy a paper to see all the ads, in fact it’s a waste of time and money even looking in the paper for those.

    Even “older” people realize the “legacy” (read lying) media is worthless for the
    most part, and has been since the 1890s

    I’d say piss on them, but from the looks of them, they were pissed on long ago