Toronto S̶t̶a̶r̶ Stalin Readers Hate On Monument To The Victims Of Communism

“Stephen Harper’s proposed National Memorial to Victims of Communism confuses our history. The Communist Party of Canada never held power or victimized anyone.
So let us be accurate and erect a National Memorial to Victims of Conservatism and Liberalism. Right in front of the Peace Tower.”

There is one, only one sane letter the rest are by crazy people, the Star’s core constituency.

“How can a young Canadian, who most likely was still in diapers when people were dying in droves all over the vast Gulag of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, question the building of a monument to these millions of victims? Are we teaching our kids right?

Thanks to Canada for taking me and my family under its wing and saving us from becoming victims of the Communist monster had we returned to Bulgaria in 1976.

I am looking forward to the erection of this monument so I can go there and honour the memories of relatives, friends and millions of unknown victims.

Atanas Minchev, Toronto”

PS. I can’t find the original article, A monument to victims or just partisan bluster? Opinion Dec. 21, on the Star site, perhaps it never made it online.

h/t OJ