Toronto S̶t̶a̶r̶ Stalin Readers Hate On Monument To The Victims Of Communism

“Stephen Harper’s proposed National Memorial to Victims of Communism confuses our history. The Communist Party of Canada never held power or victimized anyone.
So let us be accurate and erect a National Memorial to Victims of Conservatism and Liberalism. Right in front of the Peace Tower.”

There is one, only one sane letter the rest are by crazy people, the Star’s core constituency.

“How can a young Canadian, who most likely was still in diapers when people were dying in droves all over the vast Gulag of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, question the building of a monument to these millions of victims? Are we teaching our kids right?

Thanks to Canada for taking me and my family under its wing and saving us from becoming victims of the Communist monster had we returned to Bulgaria in 1976.

I am looking forward to the erection of this monument so I can go there and honour the memories of relatives, friends and millions of unknown victims.

Atanas Minchev, Toronto”

PS. I can’t find the original article, A monument to victims or just partisan bluster? Opinion Dec. 21, on the Star site, perhaps it never made it online.

h/t OJ

  • tom_billesley

    A memorial to victims of islam wouldn’t even be considered.

    • Hell no.

      • ontario john

        I find it ironic that the Star in the original was upset that the monument was going to be in the Pierre Trudeau square. It would upset Justin.

  • ontario john

    I read the original article a few days ago. It was basically Harper is evil, capitalism is evil, communism is good, blah, blah. Where is our free press today? Canada’s largest paper is talking about the joys of communism and the cbc all morning is giving coverage to the conference of muslims in Toronto. And of course the yearly appointment of another cbc employee to the Order Of Canada. It seems its mandatory to appointment either a cbc employee or a Toronto Star reporter to the order every year.

  • Denis George Miller

    I am glad the Toronto Stalin is consistent with its communist, anti-semitic views. If it ever got back to the real world I might have to consider reading it and that would make me sick to my stomach.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Do you even know what communism is?

      The fact is the parties in our system use capital within their economic programs which is light years away from communism or even democratic socialism for that matter. You might want to learn what each ideology is before making a complete fool of yourself.

  • DMB

    Both the Toronto Star and the Kathleen Wynne government don’t want a monument to the victims of communism since that is their ideal form of government where they have absolute control of everyone’s lives on a day to day bases. All in the name of equality, social justice and for everyone’s fair share despite the fact that what is a person’s ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for.

    • Has Wynne come out against it?

      • DMB

        I don’t see a difference between Communism & Kathleen Wynne’s policies . Having said that I would be curious what her response would be if she was asked about it. I think she would try to avoid answering the question!

  • jayme

    There are issues with it for starters the location a prime spot downtown Ottawa many say is not the best location but the big issue is safety lots of places to hide etc.

    • It looks like a stock market Graph as well

    • From its side it looks like a stock market performance graph, peaks and valleys. Then again it may provide shelter from the rain for the homeless.

      But frankly I think it is a meaningless design, not evocative of the tragedy in the least.

      • ntt1

        Public Art is Governed by the same corps of mediocraty that “lead” our Government and entertainment bureaucracies

      • jayme

        Its sad this will cost $10 million.

  • This is why air-lifting people to North Korea is a must. You cannot reason with people who have never read a book or just don’t care about others.

    • jayme

      I know some young people who say its unfair that some people make more then other in there mind if your 18 or 50 everyone should get the same pay.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Here’s the original opinion piece from December 21st.

    I’d do a second scan to include the photo of Jason Kenney, but, my moody scanner is being a bother today. F-n technology! 😉