Shocka! Our Political Class Swills Free Beer

Big brewers provide beer salons for MPPs’ fundraisers: Cohn

“If Labatt House is a virtual clearinghouse for political fundraisers, and The Beer Academy is a case study in symbiosis, direct lobbying remains the name of the game. After more than a decade in power, the Liberals’ linkages to lobbyists far exceed those of the other parties, with the players moving back and forth from the Liberal inner sanctum at campaign time…”

  • tom_billesley

    Oh dear. Won’t providing beer at an event make their muslim pals feel excluded?

    • Well then, this situation will right itself eventually.

  • G

    Much the same as urinalists. Those freeloading, drunk bastards will stampede over a group of toddlers to get to a free bar.

    • G

      The Libs know this. Journalists have much in common wth Libs.

      –They don’t want to do any ACTUAL WORK (you know – a useful productive job that requires effort).
      –Despite the fact that they contribute as little as possible they want to be able to tell others what to do.
      –Their egos are inordinately large in relation to their actual skills.

      So the Libs know how to work the press. First and foremost?

      Keep ’em drunk and pretend they’re important

  • ntt1

    if our political class has been syphoning up vast quantities of labatt’s gaseous giggle water ,it would explain a lot of silly and eratic actions done by them.