Psychopathy and Politics

“…Militant Islam has been an ongoing psychopathic system for fifteen hundred years and will continue as long as terrorism is allowed as the political operative system. Sexual dysfunction and immaturity is massively evident within militant Islam and is a prominent driver of the aggressive and suicidal rage of terrorists, which presents a different pathological dynamic from most other psychopaths. Rape of juvenile boys has the same effect in the Middle East as it had on Robert Maudsley and John Wayne Gacy when they were children. Female sexual mutilation is common in the Middle East. The ideological foolishness of Marxists presents a graphic comparison to the existential rage of frustrated and mutilated Islamists. Marxists are probably not stupid enough to start a nuclear war, but militant Islamists might do it.

On a global scale, there is an historical recurring pattern of stability and growth followed by periods of unrest marked by increased psychopathic behaviors. These cycles typically run over a period of decades. Modern psychopathic periods began with Napoleon, followed by Kaiser Bill and Lenin, and then Stalin, Hitler, and Tojo. A new cohort of psychopaths appear to be now arising which could include Putin, Obama, the hybrid Chinese system, and Erdogan and the various militant Islamic psychopaths…”

  • ontario john

    Our good friends the Chinese have put an approved list of churches online. I suppose this is so you don’t go to one of the many churches they have torn down or are stripping crosses off.

    • Thank Goodness we’re expanding trade ties with them!

  • Everyone Else

    This article is nonsense. The author picks people he doesn’t like and labels them as this or that. The article is moralizing disguised as science.

    It’s boring to pick apart all the theses, so I’ll only do the first. “Militant Islam has been an ongoing psychopathic system for fifteen hundred years and will continue as long as terrorism is allowed as the political operative system.” The fire bombing of Dresden and atomic bombing of Japan were even worse examples of terrorism incarnate, and WWII was full of civilian massacre and rape.

    I agree with most of the author’s conclusions but if we allow crap logic to bolster our opinions we’re no better than those we’re trying to argue against.

    (This isn’t an attack on Blazing Cat Fur, which is my favorite newspaper.)

    • Hi, I don’t agree with you. To label sundry mass murderers, like Hitler, Stalin or now the Islamists, psychopaths is perfectly accurate and scientific. Indeed, we should keep reminding people that such behavior patters are psychopathic. Also psychopathic are the academics and journalists and politicians who give respect to such psychopaths.

      • Everyone Else

        See replies to others about my comments.

        • Thanks, I’ve read em. Good points, though I think we can still characterize people who follow crazy ideologies as crazy. One has to be crazy to follow what is obviously crazy.

        • Just to clarify. Psychopathic, crazy does not mean devoid of moral/legal responsibility – it just means lacking in mental health, i.e. in the correct functioning of one’s faculties of cognition (perception, reasoning), volition (one’s choices, the ways one acts) and valuation (emotions, values). A person who opts for a sick ideology like Islam is mentally sick, in that he/she has not thought and acted in a responsible manner, as befits a normal human being.

    • The fire bombing of Dresden and the atomic bombing of Japan were the end result of German and Japanese ideologies that instigated wars of domination. The US involvement was simply not the cause of either, but rather a result of the actions of Germany and Japan.

      It is sweet leftist political intellectual garbage that tries to second guess the actions of WWII leaders. Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki could all have been avoided if the leaders of Germany and Japan had surrendered.

      As for “WWII was full of civilian massacre and rape”: This was clearly a policy of Germany and Japan. But claiming that US and Western allies intentionally massacred and raped the civilian population is a fantasy perpetuated by Utopian/socialists to promote their collectivist cause.

      Did the US rape and plunder Germany and Japan after their defeat? You know the answer is no.

      • Everyone Else

        1. You say “The fire bombing of Dresden and the atomic bombing of Japan … [were] the result of the actions of Germany and Japan”. This is the same reasoning you would get from Islamists blaming their actions on American “instigated wars of domination”.

        2. Your leftist radar (ladar?) is malfunctioning, as I’m anti-left.

        3. You say that claiming “US and Western allies intentionally massacred and raped the civilian population is a fantasy perpetuated by Utopian/socialists”. Below is a direct quote from famous utopian/socialist Bill O’Reilly in his 2014 book Killing Patton (p. 192).

        Russian soldiers “are animals, biting away chunks of women’s breasts and cheeks and savagely mauling their genitals … they gang rape women in the streets, forcing husbands and fathers to watch. Afterwards, the men will be shot. The Russians will claim that the rapes were retribution for atrocities committed during the German
        invasion of Russia, which does not explain the estimated one hundred thousand rapes in Austria, two hundred thousand in Hungary, and tens of thousands of others in Bulgaria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.”

        (See further response in reply to Frau Katz.)

        • The Soviets were not allies of choice coming from a regime equally psychopathic to Hitler’s, further the rank and file were fed a steady diet of hate propaganda designed to demonize the Nazis and their allies with unrestrained vengeance the prime goal. Not that the actions of the Nazis themselves didn’t engender such a fever pitch hatred.

          In the context of total war Dresden, Tokyo etc were terror raids designed to force the surrender of an implacable enemy whose regimes were based on a murder economy, just as Islam is an ideology of murder.

          • Everyone Else

            I’m making a few basic points.

            1. From our earliest history mind-boggling savagery has existed. The only difference today is the video record.

            2. Every side always believes they are just. Even the nazis thought they were the good guys. Muslim terrorists believe they have chosen a righteous path. I’m not saying both sides are morally equal, only that each is convinced of their own moral superiority.

            3. Psychopathic behaviors don’t have to be done by psychopaths. Perfectly normal people used to enjoy watching gladiators kill each other. Now it’s considered psychopathic to enjoy dog fights, and not so long ago we had bullfights.

            4. It’s not going to help to dwell on what goes on inside the mind of jihadists. At best it’s a distraction and at worst we become vulnerable to psychological warfare attacks like grievance mongering.

            All that counts is they’ve declared war against us, wishing won’t make it go away, and we must fight back.

          • That makes sense to me.

        • You miss the bigger picture with Islam. Islam has been at war with the rest of the world for 1,400 years. Muslims only need the Koran to inspire them. They always then blame the victim. Look into the reality of how Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India “became” Muslim.

          American “instigated wars of domination”. So where did America “instigated a war of domination”?

          Russia was not an “Western” Allie. Russian soldiers were part of typical socialist Utopian crap.

    • b_marco

      I didn’t read the article, and am not going to… HOWEVER

      While the fire bombings of Dresden and atomic bombings of Japan weren’t very sporting, those events were in the middle of total war. Sorry, not terrorism.

      • Everyone Else

        See reply to BobSmith.

    • Frau Katze

      I found the article a little careless in places. I would not say that Lenin was a psychopath, for example. These are difficult questions, and one needs to know a great deal about the person before making such a accusation.

      But from my fairly extensive reading of Stalin, it would say he was.

      As for atomic bomb on Japan, that is quite complex. But there is no question that 1) the Japanese were not going to surrender without an invasion of Japan and 2) Truman wanted to put a quick end to the war. Atomic bombs were brand new, knowledge of effects of radiation in the general population was close to zero. Truman would have had no clue what the weapon was going to do. 3) A land invasion would taken a lot of lives too.

      The Dresden bombing I have always wondered about because it came so late in the war – it was nearly over. But I really find it hard to say the UK leaders were psychopaths.

      There are entire books on whether or not the atomic bomb should have been used in Japan —I have read a few but I would have too look them up again.

      Moral: try to stick to subjects you know a lot about. I would not have written such a piece myself. Or perhaps I would have just focussed on the few cases I was very familiar with.

      In fact, I have another article about psychopaths in ISIS. I am thinking of posting on it.

      • Everyone Else

        Dear Frau Katze, first of all, I’m full of respect and gratitude for the important work of you and your husband. The criticisms here are trivial compared to your invaluable contributions

        1. The first paragraph of the article I’m pissed off at says the terrorists are “suicidal”. This confuses the behavior with the psychological state. It’s true they kill themselves, but it’s not because they’re bummed out, it’s because they’re looking for glory.

        2. It’s irrelevant whether or not this or that person can or should be labelled a psychopath. This is the same road Obama goes down when he says it’s not Islam it’s crazy.

        3. Of course Truman knew what the A-bomb would do. The explosive effect of the New Mexico test blast was estimated at twenty thousand TONS of dynamite. One automobile is 2 tons, so imagine a pile of dynamite the size of a car, then multiply that ten thousand times. The purpose of the gigantic Japanese blasts was to terrorize the Japanese into surrendering.

        4. I’m not claiming the WWII UK or American leaders were psychopaths. My point is the article is psychobabble. Psychology dresses itself up like a science, but a lot if it is lipstick on a pig. If we believe the hype we’ll end up like Justin trying to un-exclude the Islamic monsters determined to exterminate us.

        (please see response to others on my comment)

        • Frau Katze

          BTW, BCF is not my husband. His wife is Kathy, who sometimes blogs when he’s at work. She’s also at Five Feet of Fury. I’ve never even met BCF in person. He’s in Toronto and I’m in Victoria.

          Just one point on the bomb. Sure, Truman knew it was a big bomb, but I’m referring the suffering caused by exposure to radiation. I doubt he knew much about that. Heck, Japanese cities were fire-bombed like crazy all through the war. There weren’t many places left to choose for the nuclear bombs as so much had already been destroyed.

          Fire bombing is pretty bad itself. I’m sure it’s no fun. But if you survive, you’ve made it. Unlike the case of nuclear bombs and the radiation affects.