Psychopathy and Politics

“…Militant Islam has been an ongoing psychopathic system for fifteen hundred years and will continue as long as terrorism is allowed as the political operative system. Sexual dysfunction and immaturity is massively evident within militant Islam and is a prominent driver of the aggressive and suicidal rage of terrorists, which presents a different pathological dynamic from most other psychopaths. Rape of juvenile boys has the same effect in the Middle East as it had on Robert Maudsley and John Wayne Gacy when they were children. Female sexual mutilation is common in the Middle East. The ideological foolishness of Marxists presents a graphic comparison to the existential rage of frustrated and mutilated Islamists. Marxists are probably not stupid enough to start a nuclear war, but militant Islamists might do it.

On a global scale, there is an historical recurring pattern of stability and growth followed by periods of unrest marked by increased psychopathic behaviors. These cycles typically run over a period of decades. Modern psychopathic periods began with Napoleon, followed by Kaiser Bill and Lenin, and then Stalin, Hitler, and Tojo. A new cohort of psychopaths appear to be now arising which could include Putin, Obama, the hybrid Chinese system, and Erdogan and the various militant Islamic psychopaths…”