Pro-Israel Teen Activist Stunned by CNN Exec’s Reported Response to Her Simple Question — but It’s Her Rebuttal That’s Going Viral

CNN executive Richard Davis reportedly asked a high school senior if she’s “brain dead” after the pro-Israel teen activist pressed him on why his news network is seemingly reluctant to use the phrase “terrorist attack” or “attack” in headlines.

The New Jersey high school student, Hayley Nagelberg, reportedly crossed paths with Davis at the United Synagogue Youth’s 64th annual international convention on Sunday.

h/t JH

  • scooby2

    The Onion is a more reliable source of news than CNN/the Crescent News Network.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Well done Hayley!

  • Jim Horne

    True be told 2015 may begin to see the real demise of the mainstream media.

    I’ve noticed a trend on my own MacBook Pro. Over the last couple of years I’ve steadily reduced the number of news links on my Topsites in favour of blogs.

    To some I’m sure that’s not news but for me it is. I read news like most people breath air. I read newspapers from all over the world. The reason is simple, you get a perspective about what’s happening that you just can’t get from your local or even nation media.

    Truth is I finding that the blogs are a better source of the news than mainstream media. (I know I’m a little slower than others in discovering this truth.) But, the truth is the mainstream media, whether it is print, electronic, video or audio has and is becoming less earnest and less honest in reporting news events. Too much is sanitized and often relevant background information is missing or distorted.

    Blogs are earnest and honest. They are better at reporting news. They provide the unvarnished truth and the background about the events that the mainstream media are too busy ignoring or too busy sanitizing.

    So, I think that 2015 may well be a year of change for blogs and for the mainstream media. I for one look forward to the blogs coming into the forefront of news reporting in 2015.

    • tom_billesley

      Blogs are the new samizdat.

    • ntt1

      I agree but my only reservation is who will perform/fund basic news gathering at the locations? it is one thing to see a torrent of cell phone coverage of black rioters, but who will be on the ground at the next muslim atrocity?I too watch as many different news organizations and it is true the biases tend to cancel each other out, but we are still relying on media foot soldiers to do the basic reporting on foreign matters

    • Xavier

      100% of my news comes from the web, and 90% of that from blogs. The only reason to visit CNN is to see what liberal spin they’re applied to the latest atrocity. It’s difficult for me to describe how much I despise the MSM – once the greatest force for freedom and truth, now a groveling lapdog for socialist politicians.

      It would be interesting to poll readers on their top online news sources, be they blogs, news sites, or aggregators.

    • Maggat

      Interesting, I thought I was getting weird switching over to blogs. It happened fairly quickly starting with BCF. The NP web paper is getting almost impossible to read and the comments have been taken over by no minds. I’ll have to soon reach a decision as whether to cancel or not. Problem is, Post Media has all their papers ‘bundled’ and I don’t want to lose the Vancouver Sun, my ‘local’ paper.
      What to do, but I can console myself with watching history, the end of print news, unfolding before my eyes.

  • b_marco

    BTW this looks really good. I’m < 8 min through it, watching it in dribs and drabs.. but good work from Simon Ostrovsky as usual.

  • moraywatson

    Are you brain dead? Why would we call an “attack” an “attack”?
    Are you brain dead? Why would we call a “politically motivated attack” a “terrorist attack”?
    Are you brain dead? Why would we call an “ideology based on totalitarianism” a “political ideology”?
    Are your brain dead? Why would we call “the politics of submission” the “religion of peace”?
    Brain death. Occurring wherever there is Nothing to Do With Islam.

  • Will the last exec at CNN please flush the entire pile of crap down the toilet.

  • Edubeat

    You go girl! Yup leave it up to the kids to set the record straight!