Pakistan’s last self-declared Jew campaigns to save cemetery

There are few clues as to the identity of the last Pakistani Jew to be buried in Karachi. A heart-shaped piece of marble set into a slab of rough concrete in the city’s Jewish cemetery in February 1983 has none of the detail or Hebrew script of the more elaborate tombs built a century earlier, when Jews were a self-confident minority in a country where they are now often demonised.

“In loving memory of darling sweet Dorothy, left me suddenly her soul rest in peace,” is the extent of the inscription. It marks the end of a community.

  • ontario john

    The United(islamic)Nations is calling upon Pakistan to cease executions of muslim terrorists. Strange though that the UN isn’t calling upon other muslim nations like Saudi Arabia to stop executions that involve amputations.

  • Pete_Brewster

    No crocodile tears quite like the Grauniad’s, eh? They always did prefer dead Jews to live Israelis.