Again! Hackers release 13K passwords and credit cards of PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon users

A gang of internet hackers claiming an affiliation with shadowy anarchist group Anonymous is claiming it has leaked the details of more than 13,000 users of Playstation, Xbox and online stores including Amazon.

The hackers posted a document online containing username and password combinations. They also added credit card numbers as well as expiry dates.

The group told their followers that they hacked the account details ‘for the Lulz’…

…The hackers are believed to have used a denial of service attack, where they bombard the targets servers with internet traffic forcing it to shut down and preventing legitimate access.

This comes as Christmas was ruined for thousands of children across the country who were forced to abandon plans to spend the holidays in a virtual world playing on their new Playstation or Xbox games systems due to cyber-hackers…

Hacking is really becoming a problem. I have credit card info with Amazon. I was also hacked a few months ago and had to replace the card. Changing your card info at online sites can be quite time-consuming (although I understand that the sites cannot make it too easy for obvious reasons).

  • UGH.

  • Xavier

    We were hacked too, and the bank noticed suspicious purchases and cancelled the credit card. However they did not notify us and when we tried to use the card it was rejected – which caused some embarrassment and problems.

    Something I’d like to caution everyone about is not to ever use a bank debit card online, since they do not carry the same insurance that a credit card does. Technically, you’re responsible for up to $50 on a credit card but banks normally waive that fee. If someone gets your debit card # and wipes out your checking account, you won’t be getting any funds back. They got everything in my checking and savings (automatic rollover) and I didn’t recoup one red cent.

    • Wow. I had my debit card data swiped, likely at a gas station, some years ago. I too found out only when a message popped up asking me to call a phone number when I attempted to buy a pizza. Fortunately whoever got the data got the PIN wrong. but the bank had noted a number of efforts to withdraw funds in areas I never visit.

      • Frau Katze

        I signed up for an alert service for either credit or debit card…I get an email when they’re used. (It’s offered by the bank). Apparently cards with chips are more secure.

    • Frau Katze

      That’s bad! I’ve never visited a site that takes debit cards but I’ve heard about the scam BCF mentions.

  • Jay Currie

    If you have to use a credit card on line grab a prepaid Visa. Worst case you lose the remaining balance. Works on most sites.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …there’s re-loadable ones, so you don’t get nickel’d-and-dimed to death like that…