Again! Hackers release 13K passwords and credit cards of PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon users

A gang of internet hackers claiming an affiliation with shadowy anarchist group Anonymous is claiming it has leaked the details of more than 13,000 users of Playstation, Xbox and online stores including Amazon.

The hackers posted a document online containing username and password combinations. They also added credit card numbers as well as expiry dates.

The group told their followers that they hacked the account details ‘for the Lulz’…

…The hackers are believed to have used a denial of service attack, where they bombard the targets servers with internet traffic forcing it to shut down and preventing legitimate access.

This comes as Christmas was ruined for thousands of children across the country who were forced to abandon plans to spend the holidays in a virtual world playing on their new Playstation or Xbox games systems due to cyber-hackers…

Hacking is really becoming a problem. I have credit card info with Amazon. I was also hacked a few months ago and had to replace the card. Changing your card info at online sites can be quite time-consuming (although I understand that the sites cannot make it too easy for obvious reasons).