A Montreal man is furious over a $1000 fine for flying his drone

MONTREAL — Julien Gramigna was flying high this Christmas season, until he got slapped with a $1,000 fine for flying a drone.

“I’m definitely not paying this,” he said.

“It’s ridiculous. I didn’t even get a warning.”

Gramigna, a photographer, received the fine from Transport Canada while using the drone to take photos of a house for a real estate agent last summer.

Thierry Lopez, a spokesperson for the Future Shop chain of stores, where drones are currently a hot seller due to falling prices and increasingly accessible technology, found the fine surprising.

“You’re the first to tell me about a fine,” he said.

“If it becomes a problem, we’ll definitely inform our customers.”

I knew they would start clamping down…I’m grateful I researched drone usage this spring, I had an offer to in effect get a free drone in return for some on call work.

Mr. Graminga is very mistaken about the damage a drone can do, but the video has nothin to do wit dat.