1000-1500 war criminals hiding out in Sweden: It seems it very easy to get into the country

The periodical magazine Advokaten (The Lawyer) proclaims on its website that it is the most important legal magazine in Sweden. In this years 7th edition of Advokaten the focus is on war crimes and how prepared Sweden is at dealing with war-criminals who seek asylum here. Nobody knows for sure how many there are but the magazine estimates that there are around 1000-1500 are hiding out in Sweden. Only 4 have been charged so far in a Swedish court.
Professor Ove Bring is an expert on international law and is a professor emeritus of the Swedish National Defence College and Stockholm’s University.

He thinks the numbers sound reasonable and goes on to say that:

We take on more refugees than may other countries. There will be crooks coming in as well as refugees. We don’t know how many, but there are reasons to assume that many war-criminals will come to Sweden – Ove Bring

…The article starts off by mentioning that approximately 54 000 people sought asylum in Sweden in 2013 and that 80 000 are expected in 2014 but does not mention the following.


h/t Marvin