Whatever happened to the international Jewish conspiracy?

All too often critics of the State of Israel have been obsessed believers of what they regard as the truth, or been guilty of bad faith or dishonesty. Some have propounded lunatic conspiracy theories of Jews in the world and Israelis today as ruthless, treacherous individuals whose ambition and reach of power have no limits in time or space.

Palestinian, Arab and Islamic authorities, in mixed tones of envy and hatred, relate the accomplishments of the detested people: Jews have spread poison, disseminated AIDS, and convinced people of the myth of the Holocaust — that it never happened, or that it was simply a trivial incident in which Nazis responded to Jewish brutality.

  • winniec

    Because Islam does not teach independent thinking, but ‘blind following’ of mullahs’ predigested conclusions, spreading fabricated rumours is easy! Examples: 9-11 was a conspiracy between Mossad and the CIA to discredit Muslims, ISIS was created by Jews, etc. Ah, those crafty Jews…these deceive many Westerners, but not Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are too smart to be taken in. Must be the 50 generations of inbreeding that does it.

    • Memorize the Koran and your a scholar.

      • Just a thought

        The original “Kommon Kor-an?” 🙂

  • joeblo8000

    Sawry, but most uh duh (wool dyed libturd) mooks, are s t i l l swingin’ lip locked. From Chucklehead Odorama’s thingie [tho yeah, my brother finally (!), came around].

    And b’sides, they never invited me to any of the supah seekrit meetin’s (bastids).

    And more unfortunately (ahead of the upcoming election in Israel), some opposition candidates/parties have been meeting in private.

    With John Freekin Kerry! [Giving proof to the lie … all Joo’s are smart (and, Israeli society IS becoming increasingly fractured)].

    The world. As we know it. Is over.

    The global linchpin, that held things in place. Now shattered. By Rebel Commander Hussein. With the most disturbing ease.

    The world, without a free, functional Constitutional Republic, of the United States. Is now descending into chaos and anarchy.

    Mirroring our own current predescent, into Hades.

    The Jew killing genie’s now all the way out the bottle. And it ain’t going back in. No. It. Ain’t.

    Obama rejoices.

    Elmo cries and wails.

    And pert near time for this lil blogger to make Aliyah. No choice left. Really. Though won’t do fook, for my heart so broke (why the f*ck would I want to move to Paris? … I’m an American fer cryin out loud).

    They’ve won people. Destroyed the greatest gift ever known.


    Oh yeah …. Happy New Year

    elmo/anechoic room

  • Pete_Brewster

    If by chance the Elders of Zion are out there, would they put BCF in their pocket? It would be worth every penny.