Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

Western leftists stand up for their comrades in Islam

“It takes dedicated tunnel vision to extract from the resurgence of a pan-state theocratic empire a story of proletariat revolution. But socialists and communists have long regaled the world with lavish revisions of reality.”

  • Just a thought

    Who you gonna believe, the Left or your own lying eyes?

    Love those Cox & Forkum cartoons!

    • winniec

      This is a superb cartoon that captures the Leftard delusion that jihadists are friends of the Left.
      This cartoon is hauntingly like the pics of jihadists with their arms around the necks of the their next BEHEADING VICTIM…all the while smiling smugly with savage, murderous intent.
      Leftard journalists and NGO aid workers were among the BEHEADING VICTIMS of ISIS.

  • winniec

    “dedicated tunnel vision” … that says it all.
    Leftards devoutly refuse to see the immanent danger of Islam to Leftards. They think Muslims are secret socialists, when they are secret ‘trade capitalists’ as the Moscow Marxists correctly said in the 1930s.
    Leftarded cultural Marxists are so amateurish they couldn’t find directions without a GPS.

  • moraywatson

    Reality is best observed by those closest to bearing its consequences.

  • b_marco


  • DMB

    I find it very fitting of the drawing of the left wing “peace activist” with the peace sign on his shirt standing next to the Islamist. The reason due to the anti-christian origin of the “peace sign” from the Roman Empire Nero who despised Christians and crucified the Apostle Peter on an upside cross. During WWII the Nazis used the upside cross on all German death notices.