Topless activist rushed the nativity scene in St Peter’s Square

A feminist activist ran topless through St Peter’s Square and rushed the nativity scene before attempting to flee with the baby Jesus figurine.

The woman, who had the words ‘God Is Woman’ written on her chest, started her protest just one hour after Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message.

Thousands of pilgrims were still standing in the famous square when the woman, who is a member of Femen, was ambushed by a guard on her way off the platform. She was quickly arrested by officers from the Vatican police…

  • ontario john

    Leftists are always so brave aren’t they. Lets see her do it in Mecca

    • Let’s see her do that with bear spray to the face.

      Attacking Baby Jesus on Christmas…

    • Rick McGinnis

      Yeah, they tried the anti-Mohammed thing; didn’t work out so well for them. Switched to a softer target.

    • Justin

      What is wrong here? The pro-gay Pope in Rome should be blessing them too!

  • BigBlueWave

    Femen: The Westboro Baptists of the feminist world.

  • Blacksmith

    Yeah that will win over people, now we can all see your hate and intolerance.

  • J. C.

    And a few years down the road, she’ll be wondering “where have all the good men gone???” As far away from you as they can get, Toots! HAHAHA!!!

    Enjoy your cats and boxed wine… 😉

    • ntt1

      what about boxed cats and wine?