‘This toy is sexist’: French feminists plant warnings in children’s Christmas presents

Feminists in France say they have secretly inserted tracts inside children’s toys from Barbie dolls to plastic guns issuing a warning that “this toy is sexist”.

Hundreds of French girls and boys will open Christmas presents at the foot of the tree to find an unexpected accompanying note resembling those found in Chinese “fortune cookies”.

Except in this case, the message will neither provide instructions nor predict the future. It will read: “Warning, this toy is sexist:”

The operation was launched by feminist group FièrEs, which said that it had inserted “around 500” such tracts into a range of toys in a dozen shops in Paris.

“We targeted games that are emblematic of boy-girl stererotypes,” said Delphine Asian, legal representative for the feminist group, who added: “We have caused no damage or ripped any plastic. We simply slipped the message in boxes, or in books.”

She said the idea was not to “make parents feel guilty”, however. “We know well that parents follow the lists their children write and don’t think they’re doing any harm,” she told Le Parisien newspaper…

  • Martin B

    The only people who are doing any harm are these crackpot femininnies.

  • Xavier

    Aren’t these feminists sexist for assuming they knew which gender would be receiving the toy?

    • Likely racist as well.

      • Frau Katze

        Certainly consumerist!

  • Sharkibark

    I’ve backspaced about 20 times over my comment so I don’t sound too-tin-foil-hatted… but all these “feminists” who want to ban femininity seem a bit Taliban… esske? ish? eshh?

    Is there any chance the “rape culture” crowd is in league with the “lets put women in glad-bags to protect them” crowd?

    Could it be that all the latest rape culture crap is an islamist way of terrorizing western women into the “protective” muslim culture?

    (Yeah I’m white I’m a woman I’ve not been raped I have read the Koran but in English so I apparently I don’t know shite from shinola.) Yay new email sig! 😛 I’m putting on my hat now.

    • It’s an interesting thought. I think the comparison is valid though the desired ends may be dissimilar.

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t it sexist to call these vandals feminists?

  • Minicapt

    The scent of fir is quite delightful.


  • RevnantDream

    western Women wonder why Men here won’t marry them. This is a prime example

  • I find it adorable that these sad sack non-mothers think kids care about this crap.