Thanks for nothing, Ontario Liberals

So the Ontario Liberal Party is going to pay back the $11,017.50 ($10,000 plus HST) taxpayers were on the hook for, allegedly to wipe computer hard drives clean in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office during the gas plants scandal.

However, as for the up to $1.1 billion of our money the Liberals blew cancelling two gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, in order to save five Liberal seats in the 2011 provincial election, we’re on or own.

  • Brett_McS

    They spent $10K to wipe some hard drives? Was their computer called HAL?

    • mauser 98

      yea… i want a gig like that

    • It’s pocket lint to Wynne’s Liberal’s.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They should also be paying for the full cost of the police investigation.

    • They should be paying their full cost for an extended stay in jail.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Bonnie and Clyde, did they offer to pay back the money spent on gasoline to get the gang all around the Midwest???

    • mauser 98

      Clyde Barrow would search banks he robbed and destroy mortgage foreclosure papers on bankrupt farmers
      …the gang in Queens Park would toss a concrete block to some one drowning and laugh

  • winniec

    The Ontario voters will soon turn on these slime balls. The gross squandering of taxpayers’ money will be punished as soon as Progressives Conservatives can find an articulate leader. The message of the squandering Liberals has be repeated and repeated until the voters are convinced. No political party should have the right to abuse the public purse. Hard-working taxpayers deserve better than the LPO.

    • Surele Surele

      One could only wish.

    • Not from what I am hearing. The membership in the Ontario PC party is frighteningly low, perhaps 10,000 members I have been told. I do not expect anything revolutionary out of this group.

      Besides the Public Service Unions are the real power, no one running on a common sense platform of reducing public service jobs, pay freezes or deficit reduction for that matter will ever be elected until Ontario is forced into bankruptcy. And I am not sure it will happen even then.

      Ontario is toast. It will continue its decline unabated.

      • Just a thought

        Yeah, we’re going to #@^^ in a hand basket, but we’re having a good time now. D@%N the reality, and fool speed ahead!


    • Waffle

      The Phony Conservatives are finished. It is a waste of breath looking for them to be our saviours.

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky

    Every time I see photos of Faist, the “life partner” (WTF?) with Miller, McGuilty’s former fartcatcher, I throw up a little.

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky

    Every time I see photos of this derp, the “life partner” (WTF?) of McGuilty’s former fartcatcher, I throw up a little. Guaranteed.

    • Just a thought

      I see your point.

  • They’re just going to take back that cash in the new year.