Swedish school bans the Swedish flag

The students at the Swedish elementary school Söndrumsskolan got a public message from the school principal saying that all use of the Swedish flag is prohibited.

“We want to make sure the students do not offend anyone using the flag,” principal Hans Åkerman told Nyheter Idag.

A masquerade, during which a student painted his face in the Swedish flag colors and even used a toy gun,  provoked a reaction from the school board at Söndrumsskolan (Söndrum School). Principals Hans Åkerlund and Maria Rüter have now spoken about the new rules for school activities.

The two principals state that the Swedish flag is banned, with the exception of public ‘flag days’ in the calendar, such as the Swedish National Day, and in the event of international exchange with foreign students. Any other use of the Swedish flag is prohibited. When ‘Nyheter Idag’ spoke to principal Hans Åkerlund he explained the idea behind the new rules.

He claimed that using the flag in a wrong manner could offend students. However, when asked, principal Åkerman admitted that there have not been any previous problems at the school with someone being offended by the Swedish flag, nor did the student have bad intentions with his Swedish flag face painting.

“The rule is a preventive measure,” Åkerlund said in telephone when we spoke with him…

Note: The original is in English but I have edited the text slightly as it appears to have been done using Google Translate, or by someone not very familiar with English. A note at the site explains that the writers have done a quick translation due to reader interest.